"Smart Home" is a phrase thats been coined in the last decade to describe the adding of automation systems to you home. In the industry however it goes much deeper than this, especially to those of us that install these systems, and as a result we refer to the industry as CI, or Custom Installation.


The reason we prefer CI is because as the name suggests, each installation is custom, designed exactly to meet your needs and add a level of automation to your home that is unprecedented.


Every single system we install can be tailored to meet every need or requirement you have. The only limit is your imagination!


Function and Style

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Industry Leading Brands


Creating Your Space

If your reading this section then you probably have already done some research on "Smart Home Technology" and seen some of what different manufacturers like Philips Hue, Lightwave RF, Honeywell and so on have to offer. 


What sets us apart from these is that we will automate your entire home from the smallest smart lighting installation, to full house automation including lighting, blinds, heating, media such as tv, cinema rooms, radio and so on into one streamlined package.


No more fumbling through tens of clunky apps, to turn your kitchen cupboard lights blue, then switching to another app to adjust the heating on your Nest thermostat and finally jumping to Spotify to start playing music through your Sonos system.


The beauty of full home automation is taking all these systems, building them in to one custom user interface and tailoring it to you and your needs