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20 Ideas that can be programmed into your Smart Home system


With the current health Crisis in the UK and Lockdown now into its second month, we thought we would bring you some ideas that could be added to your smart home system. 


It may be that you're not sure what exactly can be done with Home automation systems, or maybe you're just looking for another one or two ideas that could be integrated into your existing set up.


Well, look no further! Here are our 20 favourite integration ideas!


1) One button press brings on all the lights in a given room or area, rather than a single light.


2) If it's dark outside and you open the garage door, turn on the driveway lights.


3) If a person is detected after 10PM on the security cameras, turn on the external lights in that area and send a push notification to your phone. 


4) If its after dark and the driveway gate is opened, turn on the driveway lights and open the garage door.


5) If you set your alarm but the garage door is still open, shut the door and turn off all the ground floor lights 10 minutes later.


6) When you get home from work, turn on the kitchen lights and have your "relax" playlist stream through the kitchen speakers.


7) If someone Rings the doorbell, have the doorbell camera feed appear on any tv's that are switched on and play doorbell chime through speakers in any room the lights are on.


8) If your Intruder Alarm detects a breach then turn on all lights to 100%, raise the blinds and turn on all TV's and show the stream from the CCTV cameras.


9) Say "Alexa, turn on good morning" and lights will slowly turn on, Blinds will Raise and your Favourite playlist starts playing through your ceiling speakers.


10) If rain is forecast, turn off the garden irrigation system.


11) Link your google/ical so you can view your calendar anywhere you have a touchscreen.


12) If it starts to rain shut all Velux windows


13) If the front door is open for more than 10 minutes send a push notification to your phone.


14) Use facial recognition software built into touchscreens to bring up your favourite playlist or TV channels


15) have a "Movie Mode" button on your lights witch in the living room that lowers the blinds, dims the lights and the projector and screen drop down from the ceiling


16) Have an "All Off" button on the front door light switch that turns off all devices in your home, turns off the lights and if its after dark, turns on the driveway lights for 10 minutes.


17)Have another "All Off" Button in the bedroom that turns off all the devices and lights in your home and puts the heating back to set back value. 


19) At a specified time in the evening have the lights in the kids rooms dim down to 20% and 10 minutes later turns off their TV's


20) Ask Alexa to lock the front door when you have gone to bed in case you forgot.


Hopefully these ideas will give you some idea of what can be done with a dedicated Home Automation system. The limit is your imagination!



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