Smart Home FAQ

Some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to smart homes and their answers, to help you decide if its for you.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home which has been designed with the use of the latest technology to work with your lifestyle and routines to automate certain aspect of your home. This might include turning on lights at certain times or starting your Spotify play list, dimming the lights and closing the blinds when you say a trigger phrase to Alexa.


Will I need to rewire my house to have a smart home?

This will depend on exactly what it is you want to control. There are many wireless solutions available for things such as lighting that mean there is no messy rewire needed to incorporate it into you home. Some aspect tho rely on traditional wiring methods for control so running new cables would be needed. We can discuss all the options with you at your initial consultation.


What can I control with my smart home?

There is very little that can't  be controlled in some way shape or form. The most common aspects to control are Lighting, Heating/Cooling,  Security such as CCTV and Door Intercoms or Gates, Media such as TV, Sky, Apple TV and music streaming services. We can also control Swimming pools, and garden irrigation systems. This list isn't  comprehensive by any means, and if there is something you wish to add to your system let us know in your free consultation and we can discuss this with you.


How reliable are the wireless solutions available?


We don't want to get too technical here, but very is the answer. We can understand peoples concerns when we mention "wireless" as for years with the ever increasing demand on WiFi and its well known flaws such as poor signal, drops outs and slow speeds it does have its problems. However the wireless solutions build for the smart home for things like your lighting are built on much more reliable technology than WiFi. WiFi needs to operate on extremely high frequencies to enable it to carry all the information it needs to deliver a website or video to your phone, a drawback to these high frequencies is that they have very little ability to penetrate objects in your home such as walls. When we control lighting wirelessly we need to send a minuscule amount of information to the lights in order to turn them on/off or dim them. This means we can use much much lower frequency equipment, that carries with it huge penetrating power so will carry through numerous walls with ease.


Do I need to be "Tech Savvy" to have a smart home?


No. Part of our job is to simplify the routines in your life. If we made a system that is complex to the user then we haven't done our jobs properly. You don't even need a smart phone to have systems installed. We personally don't believe that using your phone to control your home is actually that beneficial unless you wish do do so whilst out of the property. All user interfaces are designed to be easy to use, we take care of the technical parts and leave you with a sleek, yet simple way to control aspects of your home.


An example would be having a light switch by your front door that turns off all the lights in your home when you leave with one simple press or a remote on your coffee table that will control sky, the tv, the media centre or whatever else you would like it to with a few simple button presses.


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