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Media is where the wow factor comes into your smart home. It encompasses everything from centralised AV distribution, (basically putting all your sky boxes in a cupboard somewhere out of sight and sending the stream to the TV of your choice. Its what enables you to have nothing but a TV on the wall with no clutter or TV units below.) to fully fledged cinemas rooms for those wanting a fully immersive film experience at home!


Media is also where we can easily blow the budget out of the water and its very easy to get carried away. So with our initial consultation we can run through options with you and work out what we can do to suit your budget. There are normally ways to get you exactly what you want just by scaling back some of the product we use if you're  conscious of your budget.


One of the most helpful tools in our armoury when putting together a proposal for you is knowing your budget. We know this goes against the grain when finding tradesman, you get someone round tell them what you want, they send you a quote and you get a couple of comparisons.


Now we are all for you getting comparison quotes, its what keeps our industry competitive and pushes us to provide the best service we can as well as the best solution for you, so you chose us to install your system. However if we don't know what you're prepared to spend its makes it very hard for design a solution to suit you. Theres no point us spending 3 days designing you a £80,000 sound conditioned, Dolby Atmos cinema room, if you only wanted to spend a fraction of that putting a tv on the wall and hiding your sky box out of sight!

Cinema Rooms

If you really want the wow factor, have the space to spare or are just a film buff them we can design supply and install a full cinema room into your property. Now this isn't for the budget smart home enthusiasts. Cinema rooms are not cheap to install and set up properly. If however you are interested in having these incredible rooms in your home then get in touch. We can arrange for you to go to one of our suppliers demo rooms located near us and experience these awesome rooms first hand.

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